Stan Winford

Associate Director, Associate Director of Research, Innovation & Reform

Stan is a practising lawyer and justice system expert with experience in innovation and reform, including user-centred design and applications for restorative and therapeutic justice in criminal and civil law.

Stan’s restorative justice work has included leading projects exploring the role that restorative justice might play in responding to harm and conflict in the context of serious crime, as well as worker’s compensation, occupational health and safety and transport accident compensation schemes. In addition to research and teaching, Stan has studied restorative justice in New Zealand, undertaken professional development and training with the European Forum for Restorative Justice, and group conferencing training accredited by the Victorian Association for Restorative Justice.

Stan’s work with the CIJ includes addressing the needs of victims of crime, improving justice responses for people with mental ill health and intellectual disability, and developing more effective approaches to reducing future offending.


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