Spark Sessions

ICLR 2021 Sparks Sessions – Quick bursts of information related to innovation in the legal industry that are aimed at setting the stage for the ICLR 2021 final plenary session on October 1, 2021. Sparks sessions are short sessions that contain general definitional content or region-specific information. Spark session will air before each ICLR 2021 plenary session, and in case you missed a spark, they can be viewed on-demand here.

Vice Chief Justice Ann Timmer

Ann Timmer, Vice Chief Justice of Arizona Supreme Court will address alternative business structures as a remedy to access to justice issues, as well as Arizona’s experience with this innovation.

Jennie Pakula

Jennie Pakula, inaugural Manager, Innovation and Consumer Engagement at the VLSB+C will discuss Lo-fi alternatives to a Sandbox, as well as the value of the regulator providing a sounding board, guidance and encouragement. She will also briefly review two years of operation of our ‘innovation in-box’ and let you know the kinds of queries assisted with and the insights it has given us.

Danielah Iacono

Danielah Iacono, Manager of Discipline and Suitability office of the Victorian Legal Services Commissioner (VLSC) will give a brief overview of their innovative new online sexual harassment reporting platform, which enables people to lodge anonymous reports of sexual harassment by a lawyer or within a legal workplace, and to upload any documentary evidence or other relevant materials at the same time.

Dr. Cord Brügmann

Dr. Cord Brügmann will provide a lead-in to the plenary session by providing some definitional information and an overview of the exciting plenary.

Geoff Dunnett

Geoff Dunnett, professional services director at secure payments solution, Shieldpay, will address the interplay between Legal Innovation and the FinTech world, as well as potential legal regulatory concerns related to using blockchain and other innovative secure payment solutions.

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