Rise of the Machines

The use of AI in the legal profession is becoming increasingly ubiquitous. Regulators need to have a firm appreciation of the definitions and expanding application of AI in the context of legal services, and their implications.

Topics to be discussed in this plenary include:

  • What AI is in the context of legal services
  • Issues on transparency and bias due to the use of AI tools
  • Lawyers’ involvement in the development and use of AI tools
  • Ethical implications (including data protection) due to the use of AI tools

This plenary will set the stage for the two subsequent breakouts that focus on (1) whether legal regulators should have a role in setting standards and defining boundaries for the development and use of legal AI tools, and if so, what is their “right role”, and (2) AI as a tool to enhance access to justice.


Start Time

09/09/2022 1:00 pm

End Time

09/09/2022 2:00 pm

Brian Doherty

Chief Executive Officer

Legal Service Regulatory Authority

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