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Opening Plenary: The Challenges for the Legal Sector

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Breakout Session #1 - Starting on the Pathway to Success: An Exploration of Controlling Standards and Initial Qualification Processes

Breakout Session # 2- Shifting Sands – What Is An “Ethical” Lawyer in the 21st Century?

Plenary Session: Who, What, Why, When, How: What Should the Regulatory Paradigm for the 21st Century Look Like?

Breakout Session #6 - Regulators at the Intersection of Competencies and Wellness: What Role Should the Regulator Play in Dealing with Substance Abuse

Breakout Session #8 - A Soft Landing: How to Address Cognitive Decline and Competence Issues with Aging Lawyers

Closing Plenary: Where next? The Role for Regulators in Ongoing Competence

Ireland: Barrister or Solicitor

Return to Practice | The Law Society of British Columbia

Law Society of Ontario – Spot Audit Program

Scotland – Links to details about solicitor advocates and qualification process:

Links to the practice rules relating to solicitor advocates

  1. Rule C4.3: Order of Precedence, Instructions and Representation | Law Society of Scotland ( –

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