Putting the Public in Public Interest | Plenary: Checks on entry, then what? Assuring ongoing competence throughout legal professionals’ careers

Consumers should be able to trust that legal professionals have the necessary skills and knowledge to provide good quality legal services and that these are kept up to date and relevant over time. But do legal regulators currently have the right frameworks in place to ensure those professionals remain competent throughout their careers? This session will explore whether self-assessed, light-touch CPD models need to make way for a more robust approach, such as those used in other sectors like healthcare, aviation or teaching. The panel will discuss:

  • Understanding consumer expectations of lawyers’ competence and how they can identify good quality services
  • The ‘lifecycle of competence’
  • Different approaches used to assure ongoing competence in the legal services sector – CPD, peer reviews, quality audits and more
  • Comparisons with approaches used in other sectors – how effective are methods such as revalidation or observation and what are the benefits and costs?
  • What evidence there is to justify a new approach – quality concerns and risks to vulnerable consumers


  • Moderator – Steve Brooker, Head, Policy Development and Research, Legal Services Board, (United Kingdom)
  • Margie McCrone, Legal Services Board (United Kingdom)
  • Kerri-anne Millard, Director, Policy and Outreach, Victorian Legal Services Board (Australia)
  • Niels Hupkes, Netherlands Bar (Netherlands)
  • Cori Ghitter, Deputy Executive Director, Professionalism and Policy, Law Society of Alberta (Canada)
  • Kellie Hamilton, General Manager, Member Knowledge and Learning, Law Institute of Victoria (Canada)



Oct 29 2020


08:00 - 09:00

Local Time

  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Oct 29 2020
  • Time: 09:00 - 10:00

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